Ideas moving forward

Erretres Open Lab (EOL) is a platform for innovation and collaborative learning, providing stimulus for leading professionals globally. Focused on transforming visions and projects, EOL is also a platform for networking: a place to meet, to create, to think, to share experiences, to play, to experiment, to test, to ask questions, to share answers, and to build the future. To join EOL means entering a web of researchers, thinkers, designers, entrepreneurs, techies, doers, creators, runners, learners, strategists, inventors, explorers, hunters… that share a love for ideas and are creating the latest.

Game changers welcome

EOL aligns with the most innovative speakers to explore the newest ideas through high condensed sessions in cities around the world. Each session is focused on a future changing topic in a very specific sector. EOL specializes in creating very small scenarios for pretty big ideas. Attendees will be invited based on of their individual or company goals in order to gather the most experienced insights for each subject.


A most unexpected inspirational source

EOL gathers together perspectives from different cultures, approaches, professional profiles and backgrounds. Barriers between disciplines are blurred and the collision between expertise designs the way forward. Cross-cultural knowledge, philosophy and science mix and intergenerational sharing builds the teams and brands of the future.

By Erretres. The Strategic Design Company

Erretres is a branding and digital consultancy based in Madrid and working internationally in Europe, Latin America, the USA, Japan and China. Erretres’ work is characterized by human-centered and technology-infused design solutions, as well as business innovation and strategy. Erretres specializes in the simplification of complex problems in order to create identities which bring value to brands and end users. Since 2003, Erretres has worked for clients such as El País, Canal+, Banco Pichincha, Ecoalf, Viesgo, La Caixa, KPMG and Telefónica, amongst others winning more than 30 international design prizes.


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